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I'm a native English speaker, and my wife is native spanish speaker.  Would it hurt the child in learning the language if she doesn't speak english with a good accent and I don't speak spanish with a good accent?  Is that something to where I should only speak to the child in English and she should only speak in Spanish?  What is the best course of action when we are speaking with eachother in front of the child? 

Rosalinda Staples
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As a mother of three who is teaching her girls (ages 2-6) Spanish my advice would be for your wife, who is the native speaker, to speak to your kids exclusively in Spanish and you can continue to speak to them in English. I wouldn't worry about your child picking up the correct accent at this point. If your wife speaks to him or her in Spanish they should pick up the accent nicely. I would also expose them to the sounds of Spanish as much as you can - find lullaby music to play to your child when he or she goes to bed, play songs during the day to them in Spanish, put on DVD's and cartoons in Spanish. All of this helps the child as he or she learns Spanish. If you're interested in learning more about our experiences as a family raising three bilingual girls please visit our blog

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You can speak to your child in Spanish, even if you have an accent. If they are in an English society, they will speak it perfectly.

I know a family from Nigeria, the parents have been here for about 20 years, they speak fluent English but with a very heavy accent. I still have trouble occasionally understanding her and I've known them since I was about 9!!! Their dad is the same way with his English. The kids are receptive bilinguals but I dont think I've ever heard them speak their Mother Tongue. Even when I asked them to say something, they say that they cant. They just understand.

All 4 of their kids speak perfect English, without an accent. The daughter sounds just like a stereo-typical "Beverly hills white girl" while the boys sound like normal american speakers. The parents speak English and Nigerian in the home.

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