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Hi there!

My husband and I live in Australia, but we are not native English speakers.  We talk to each other in Filipino.  We were both raised in different languages (both Philippine dialects)  but Filipino is our common language.
We have a 10 month old baby and we want her to learn both English and Filipino.  I speak to her in mixed Filipino and English. Should we adopt  OPOL, where I, as the main carer, will speak to her in pure Filipino while my husband will speak to her in English? The problem is we are so used to mixing English and Filipino. We often switch to English if we don't know the Filipino word equivalent. Most of the songs/rhymes/lullabies I know are in English and I read to her in English as well. Naming animals, plants, etc in Filipino would be a problem as well. Although this can be solved just by purchasing a Fil-English dictionary I suppose
How should we proceed with this?

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Yes you should being OPOL. She's young so you guys have a chance to get used to speaking one language to baby each but the sooner you guys start and the more consistent you are in your approach the better it will be.

Get a "1000 words" in book Fillipino if you can or else a dictionary. Put effort into your children and their language development. She will probably begin to learn English from the environment if you live in an English part of Australia so focus more on Fillipino.

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