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Esther Rybakov
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My husband and I are expecting our first child by the end of this year.
We have at least three languages we want to teach our child.
We live in Norway but I'm Dutch and my husband was born in Russia but grew up in Norway.
So I will speak Dutch to the child and my husband will use Russian. There will also be enough opportunities for the child to pick up Norwegian because the community language is Norwegian and all do speak it (including my husband's family), although it's not my native language.
The problem is that even though I do speak Norwegian, my husband and I are used to speaking English together and we usually speak English with his family as well.
I'm not sure if wel have to speak English to the child as well or if we should stop using English and switch to Norwegian.
I'm worried that if we use English, Norwegian would get behind even though our child would pick up on Norwegian in daycare and such.

English is not really important to us but speaking in English has just become the habit since we met but I don't want to put the other languages at risk.
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