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Hi everyone,
my name is Despina and i would like to hear your suggestions and opinions about my system.
i was born and raised in Greece and also lived in Germany for 14 years. Now i am living in the USA, with my husband who is American and our 4 month old son. I am fluent in both languages, German and Greek, but i am the only one who speaks them since i don't have any friends or relatives from those countries here.
I am speaking to our son German on the weekdays and Greek at the weekends. My husband is speaking English to him and we also communicate in English with each other.
I am not sure how good this system will work, so i was wondering if there are any suggestions on that.
thank you

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Hi Despina, 

I came across your post today because I am Greek/English native speaker. 
My husband is Swiss and we live in Switzerland. 

I speak Greek to our 20 month old son, my husband speaks Swiss German 
to him and between us we speak in English. I was wondering how it worked 
for you and your son? 

Thank you! 

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