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I am Spanish, my husband French and we live in the US. I speak always Spanish to our 19 months old daughter, my husband always in French and English in daycare.
Which language should my husband and I speak when we are with our daughter together? Both of us speak Spanish, English and French. Thanks

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Hi Lorena,

   What language do you usually communicate with your husband? Since the child has exposure to the three languages, one would guess it would not make any difference, but one has to think of the language the child is least exposed to. If your child spends more time with you than with your husband, then it would probably be a good idea that you two communicate with the child in French when together. If on the contrary, the child is more exposed to French, Spanish might be the choice. If you think there is balanced exposure, you might try dividing the days according to language. How about that?

Kind regards,

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I have a 4 year old to who I started to speak Dutch since she was born. My husband spoke Spanish to her and at school English. I had the same questions you have now when she was a baby. What I did is the following. I talked to her the whole day in Dutch. My husband is Spanish and during the weekend both in Spanish (he doesn't speak dutch). Now at 4 years, she speaks fluently English and Spanish (our family speak to us in Spanish also) and Dutch, although she doesn't use it (I prefer her to learn Spanish better and at least understand Dutch).
I try to use 30% each language during the day. During preschool = English, afternoon = Dutch and evening and weekends = Spanish.
Good luck! Kids at this age absorve more than you think!
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