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Hi all

so much info could read all yet so will tell you all my case .

We soon to be parents I am Brazilian so native Portuguese speaker and my wife is Polish .

I don't speak Polish and she does not speak Portuguese .

We speak English to each other so I will only speak in PT with the boy and she will only PL .

What is the best way to teach English to the baby once he will be expose to English a lot when we speak with each other all the time .

Thanks for your advices

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If you do OPOL with the baby and continue to Speak English to your child they will pick up English through synthesis.


Its the blog of an Italian Mom and Flemish dad who speak English to each other but they do OPOL at home. The whole family lives in France so her two kids speak 3.5 languages. French, Italian and Dutch, but the kids are learning English also just from hearing their parents speak it.

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