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We are currently living in the US and bringing up our sons (3 and 1 years old)  OPOL - my husband speaks American and I speak German. My older son goes to a French immersion school. My younger son will join the school next year - I am now wondering whether to have him enter the French or Spanish immersion path.

My hope is that the kids will speak German with each other one day thus a different third language might 'help' with this idea. Another thought is that each kid has their 'own' third language to be excited about and they may teach each other some words. My Spanish is much better than my French is also another reason.

My older son is also currently learning Mandarin (only 1 hour a week for right now) and I think that our younger son will learn this, too. So they would have 3 languages in common and only one different.

Has anybody done this or has any thoughts on it?

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You can speak with the counselors at your school to help get an idea that is best suited to your situation but I think that that putting your second son in Spanish would be fine. Maybe even good.

I trust that you already have French media around, so why not get a little Spanish media and make it a fun activity that you do with your 1 year old son when your alone?

Sit down with him everyday and play a simple game of learning objects in Spanish. Start saying "I love you" "Good morning/night" and "come here" in Spanish to him. After about 2 weeks, get the older son involved. Have him teach you and his little brother the words in French.

You can begin to expose them now to Spanish. If your 1 year old begins to show a preference for French, then it might be better to let him begin learning French, then switch later. Right now it doesn't matter much.

Why dont you invest in the Little Pim series in Spanish and French and see how the kids take to that? Start playing their DVD's in Spanish on some days and French on the others. See which one your younger boy seems to gravitate too.
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