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Mitchell Cohen
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My wife and I are in an interesting predicament with our daughter, Meira, who is in 2nd grade. As I stated on the guest book thread, my wife and I are American ex-pats who have been living in Israel for many years and both our children were born and are being raised here.

Our daughter, Meira, can speak and understand English, but still cannot read in English (except for her name and a couple of other words here and there).  While we have been reading books in English to Meira since she was born, she tends to memorize the books or can tell what is going to happen next by the picture.

Here, in Israel, the kids start learning English in school in 3rd grade. The highest level English speaking class is called "English for English speakers". However, in order to be in this class, the student needs to be able to READ English. Even if he/she can speak and understand English, if he/she cannot read it, then he/she will not get into this class. I am afraid that if Meira doesn't get into this class she will be bored with the lower level class.

So, my question is how do I teach my daughter to read English? I am not a teacher by trade and have always been more into math (which I am good at helping my daughter with), but teaching English is not my forte. However, it is of the utmost importance for me to teach Meira to read English (at least good enough to get into the most advance English class in school so she won't be bored) by this coming fall.  Any suggestions?

PS Meira reads Hebrew at a 3rd or even 4th grade level, so she is showing a talent for reading, which will hopefully carry over into English as well, but only if she is encourage (i.e. by being in the advanced class).

Mitchell Cohen
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Someone suggested this site to me for teaching my daughter to read English and it is a gold mine!!!!

She is already making progress after only a couple of hours on this site

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