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Erik K
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Hello all,

It occurred to me: Children who are old enough might question the value of learning multiple languages. Has this happened to you?

How do you "sell" your kids on doing the extra effort needed for true writing and speaking fluency.

I'm actually developing a list of reasons why kids should care about learning languages. My choice of words is intended to be not abstract; I tried to phrase it so older children could understand.

Please post here your opinions of this list:


Foreign language classes are required in most high schools and in many universities. The younger you start learning the language, the easier these classes will be.

If you get a chance to learn a useful foreign language in school, you avoid having to learn it as an adult. That's valuable because there are more demands on your time and more valuable things available to pursue as an adult than when you're in school. Get language learning out of the way!

Some jobs will demand that applicants speak a foreign language - hopefully the language you studied. You might have few or no other applicants competing with you.

Employers are taking a risk if they hire you when you've just graduated and have no work experience. They'll be more willing to take that risk if they need but can't find qualified people speaking the foreign language you learned.

Being able to speak with natives in their country will make your travels much more interesting. In many countries, a high percentage of the people lack confidence in their English fluency and they might be reluctant to try talking with you, or they'll be willing but unable. You can overcome those obstacles if you have at least some knowledge of their native language.

Living and working overseas for a while is cool! From living in a different culture, you get interesting experiences and a new way of thinking about life. In many countries, the only way to get those benefits is to speak the local language.

It's much easier to work or do business in a foreign country if you speak their native language.

If you will be applying for admission to a college/university, your fluency will impress its admissions officials.

Having real mastery of foreign languages, combined with foreign travel, makes people see you as an interesting and valuable person to know.

Many people are convinced that learning multiple languages develops your mind, makes you smarter, and enables creative thinking.

You will learn the interesting alternative ways that other languages express things. From that, you'll learn what's good, bad, and absurd about the English language. Also, you might develop a sense of why foreigners have difficulty with certain parts of English; you'll choose your words so they have a better chance of understanding you.

If you are a male who speaks French or Italian, you might benefit from women seeing you as more romantic!


Thank you all for reading my message.

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