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Dear parents,

I have been searching for a resource on raising your children with multilingual languages and I found - absolute wonderful content.

Now I would like to share with you how we currently go about raising our 19 months old daughter with multiple languages, in the hope you mind have some tips or perhaps some encouraging remarks [smile]. We want to do this right!

My wife is Mauritian and she speaks Creole, French and English - learning Dutch. I am Dutch and speak Dutch and English - learning French and Creole. We currently live in Belgium, however we are planning to move back to Mauritius next year.

To our daughter I speak English, my wife speaks French, together with my wife I speak English and at the daycare they speak Dutch (or Flemish to be precise). I am not sure which language system that is - Partial OPOL os so? 

In Mauritius, the language citizens speak to each other is Creole, in business people speak French and all public institutions are in English. English is the official language. Creole is a simple form of French with a mix of English. The French first, and British second and last, have both colonized Mauritius in the past.

When we go back to Mauritius, I am planning to speak Dutch to my daughter and my wife continuous in French. In school she will have things explained to her in Creole by her teachers, however the contents will all be in English.

If you have any remarks or tips, please leave me a message. Thank you very much!


Country: We live in Belgium, move to Mauritius next year.
Languages: Dad speaks Dutch and English, mum speaks French, Creole and English.
Languages: Dad learns French and Creole, mum learns Dutch.
Age: Daughter is 19 months.
Language system: Partial OPOL?
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