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My wife and I live in Spain and we are having a baby soon.
She is monolingual in Spanish, and we already have two kids monolingual in Spanish (from her first marriage).
My family is entirely French, I am fluent in French and I use French always when family is visitting, but my first language is clearly Spanish too, as I grew up here in Spain.
Even though, I think it would not be a huge effort to stick to French to speak with him as an OPOL, it would still be an effort (I'm somewhat less comfortable and with less vocabulary speaking French).
Given such an environment so brutally biased towars Spanish, especially because his two siblings and all family conversation (and school, TV...) would be probably be carried in Spanish, would the effort be worthwhile?
Any thoughts?
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Hi, Im sure it will be worth it, but it's going to be more difficult for you to stick to it, than for your child to learn it! If you can do that, he/she can learn. I live in Spain too and have raised my two children trilingual (Danish, English and Spanish). Depending on where in Spain you live, it must be possible to find French playgroups or nurseries to attend, tv-channels on cable, childrens books and dvd's (you can order them on-line). Maybe your older children might even be interested in learning. No doubt his/her dominant language will be Spanish, but if you really want to, then he/she'll be bi-lingual for sure. Good Luck with it!

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