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Good afternoon. I am an Italian native speaker mother trying to teach English to her 3-years old boy.Only one question: I would be grateful to anyone who could suggest some Audio CD or DVD where there are songs (in English) sung by real children. I find it very important to catch the attention of my son. Thank you very much in advance.

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Here's a DVD: Baby Shakespeare, by Baby Einstein. It is mostly words and poems spoken by an adult, but there is a segment in which children are singing the ABC song.

We have a CD of children singing songs, but honestly I wouldn't recommend it. We only have it because it was a hand-me-down. The children sing in a unison chorus and they are so pitch-perfect that it sounds like it was computer-generated. Actually for all I know it may be. Or maybe just one child sang the songs, and they duplicated it over and over so it sounded like a chorus. Either way, it's quite soulless.

My son (2 1/2) has been very interested in some of the music we have with adults singing: Peter Paul and Mary, and Red Grammer (who also has a lovely voice) are two options who sing good music with words that are easily understood. PP&M should be available all over the world (I assume you live in Italy?), and I would think that Red Grammer, who distributes his own recordings, would ship there.

Hope this helps.

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Hi have something called "Wee Sing and Play" by Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp.  (Published by Price Stern Sloan in the USA).  It has about 72 songs, ryhmes and games sung by children. There is also a book that comes with it that has all the words, and instructions for playing the games (like jumprope games, or hand games).  You can probably order online through Amazon and have it delivered anywhere.

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