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Hi, I am an English/Chinese-speaking mother of a 13-month-old and have 2 questions:

1) My parents only speak Chinese and have been spending time with my son regularly. I've been using the "Time & Place" strategy by speaking English to my son at home but speaking Chinese in front of my parents and also at their house. It seems ok for now as he can understand several words and commands in both languages. However, my parents will soon be spending less time with my son due to work situation. I am thinking of switching to OPOL where individually I speak Chinese and my husband English; but together as a family we will speak English since my husband only understands Chinese but barely speaks it. Will it confuse my son that all of sudden I am speaking so much Chinese at home?

2) Also then, will his favorite electronic toys that teach and sing in English be confusing too? He has been accustomed to me reading and singing in English. Can I continue playtime and storytime in English especially since my husband spends limited time with him due to long work hours? My goal is for my son to be able to converse in everyday Chinese but at the same time, I do not want him to lose out on learning English vocabulary.


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