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My husband and I live in the US.

English is the language we speak. We have both studied Spanish but I am far more advanced than he is. When our baby is born the plan is to follow OPOL and that means I'd be speaking Spanish.

Of course I'd make sure the baby would hear and interact with native speakers but my question is about homeschooling. I also plan on homeschooling any kids we have but I don't want to homeschool in Spanish.

I want them to learn the "stuff" they are supposed to know in English and then they can learn in Spanish as a supplement. If I were to only speak to the kids in Spanish except for when we were homeschooling would that mess up the OPOL technique?

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hi Jenn,

Following OPOL is hard enough without trying to homeschool in another language. Some people find it beneficial to delay starting their kids in preschool so they can have more experience in the minority language. So my suggestion to you would be if at all possible do homeschool in Spanish for preschool/kindergarten at age 3/4/5, supplemented by Spanish playgroups, babysitters, etc. Most people that do homeschooling for preschool and kindergarten don't do too much structure anyways. There is a lot of art, nature study, etc. That way you get as much Spanish in before first grade, when English is likely to almost completely take over. Then for first grade you can start homeschooling in English, supplementing with Spanish tutors, play dates, etc. From what I've heard from other people, once you start speaking to the kids in English, it is very hard to return to the minority language. English is like a magnet!

I wish you all the best in your decision and for the upcoming birth of your child!

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I think it is a good idea to homeschool in Spanish for preeschool and kindergarten but I don't see a problem with you switching to English when you start 1st grade teachings. Usually kids start abandoning the minority language when they start school because they spend so many hours speaking the other language and their friends speak the other language. But you won't have a problem with that if you homeschool them and still help them find friends that speaks Spanish. If you homeschool them you won't have to spend 6 hours a day teaching them because you will only have 2-3 kids not 25 like in school so you will still have a lot of time when you can speaK Spanish to them. It's all about the quantity of time they hear the language and the opportunities they will have to use the language. Make sure they still get at least 50% of Spanish of their awake time.
You can also consider teaching in both languages. In countries when more then one language is spoken they teach one week in one language and one week in the second language.
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Hi Jenn,
Why do you want them to learn the facts in English and not Spanish?  They'll know it (or not) whether they learn it in English and have to translate to Spanish or vice versa...

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