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Mady Martac
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Hello. My dauther is almost two years old. I am Romanian and my husband is Italian. We live in Italy. Since she was born I have been speaking to my daughter in English and Romanian consistently alternating the languages on a weekly basis. I am not a native speaker but I fell comfortable speaking English. She goes to a local kindergarden where they speak Italian and my husband and I also communicate in Italian at home. I am trying to build a group of English speaking friends around us and I manage a playgroup in English one a week. She understands everything in all 3 languages but she speaks mainly Italian (very few exceptions, la couple of words here and there in Romanian and English). She also uses her own invented language a lot, when she pretends to read or when she gets excited about something or sings. At the moment I am having some doubts since I only hear of situations where one parent only speaks one language not more. Am I confusing my daughter? Should I stop speaking English to her and only stick to Romanian? Thank you very much.
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