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Carrie Anderson
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I am a native English speaker living in the US.  I studied Spanish in college and have retained basic to intermediate knowledge (I can understand much more than I can communicate -- I can read a toddler book and say some simple phrases with ease in Spanish, but beyond that I start to feel over my head). I am interested in exposing my son (15 months) to Spanish.  I’ve read him a couple of books in Spanish, but so far that is all I have attempted.  I thought it would benefit us both to join a bilingual play group.  I had no luck finding one in my area, so I in the midst of arranging a once weekly Spanish play date with native-Spanish-speaking families at my church.  It is a start, right?    


Anyway, these are my questions:

  1. I figure at the very least we will enjoy fun outing, but language-wise are there benefits to this type of minimal exposure?  More importantly, would this type of exposure cause any harm in language development?  All the information I am finding is related to children being raised bilingual.  My son is still working on English, will randomly introducing small doses of Spanish confuse him or delay his English?  
  2. I am looking for resources on dual language play groups or immersion play groups for young children (0-3).  Anyone successfully do something like this?  If it was dual, did you do play in one language and then the other or incorporate them both the whole time?


Thank you!

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