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me and my wife are both czechs living in Czech Republic. Now we have 3 weeks old son and I want to rise him bilingual, czech and english. I speak fluent english, but as you can read, not really perfect :-) I lived in US for a while.

  In many topics I´ve read that one of the way how to raise a bilingual child in monolingual family is that one parent speaks one language (dominant) and other parent speak the other language. I believe, this would be our case, mother would use czech and I english plus I would like to give him other exposure to english like games, books, songs and TV.

  But my main concern is, if I´ll start it, I should speak with him only in english (not switching czech and english, because that could confuse him). But we have a family meetings pretty often (aunts, grandmothers, cousins, etc.) and I can´t speak with my family in english I can with my wife, but not with whole family, will this be confusing for him as well, I mean me speaking to him in english, but to other members of family in czech? Thank you for your advice.
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I'm exactly in your shoes and wondering about this issue.. 
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Hi there, 
I just saw your post, i too use my second language to speak to my son. I speak Cantonese to my family but i sometimes code switch (mix 2 languages) as my vocab is not as extensive as i want it to be so i use English to substitute, anyways! getting back to your question, i think it's ok to continue speaking Czech to your family as long as you stick to speaking English with your child as they will make that association with you that they need to speak English to you. i speak to my husband in English but i speak Cantonese solely to my son. My husband doesn't speak much Cantonese so i don't have much choice! Just stick to what you are doing and your child will make that association with you. 
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