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I am bilingual (English/Spanish) and my husband speaks only Spanish while studying English.  We live in the U.S. and have always spoken Spanish at home with each other.  Our daughter, who will be 1 in a couple of weeks, has heard both languages since birth.  My husband speaks to her exclusively in Spanish and I try to use English with her but still speak Spanish to my husband.  She goes to day care while I work, where she is exposed to Spanish only.   So...

1. Is my speaking Spanish in conversation with my husband but English to my daughter going against the OPOL approach?  It is extremely difficult for me to maintain a conversation in two languages (he says something in Spanish, I respond in English, etc.)  I always wind up switching back Spanish almost unconsciously whenever we try that.  Or is it a good thing to speak the same language to each other, as that's what real people do in the real world?

2. English is basically her minority language at this point, even though it's the community language (since she hears Spanish at day care and that's the only place she really goes other than to the store).  Is this going to hinder her ability to learn English?  I guess this goes back to question 1--if I spoke English in conversation with my husband, she'd learn more English.
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I would start reading one or two books to her in english.. start to have routine that you only do in english.. like I hardly spoke german with my kids when they were younger.. so i had to start easy with them.. well bedtime routine is only in german no english at all.. after a while I added the morning routine...
Good luck
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