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I am Sabby, from Adelaide, South Australia. I've just found this website and really love it! It's very helpful.


I was wondering if any of you could help me with a little problem i have in teaching other languages to my child.


I have a baby girl of 5 months and a half now. I am originally from Mauritius Island, where almost everyone is bilingual in English and French. (I speak/write in both fluently). My husband was born in India, but is from a persian background, therefore he speaks trilingual (English, Farsi and Hindi).

My husband and i communicate only in English. But i want to only speak French to my baby and my husband wants to speak Farsi with our daughter. The only problem we have is when we are all three together, it is very hard for us to stick to our languages and because we speak English to each other we therefore speak English to our daughter.

I really want her to learn French and Farsi. But it almost seems impossible to stick to it, specially when my husband or myself is with our daughter and we want to share something that she just did with each other. We talk in English with each other at that moment and if we have to praise her for example, we do it automatically in English and then remembers we have to speak our native languages... It just seems very hard to do that...

We don't seem to have any problem to speak our languages with her when we are alone with her...


Anybody been there before? What did you do?


Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Sabby,

Many of us have been there! So many in fact, that I wrote an article specifically about it.

Best of luck!
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Christina Bosemark
Founder & List Moderator
Multilingual Children’s Association

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Hi Sabby,

Actually I can't share my experience but as I see you wrote back on 2006 you might be now in a position to tell us how it is working...

I am Spanish, my fiance is Iranian and our common language is English. We plan to have our first child right after marriage (very soon).

So kind of similar situation as yours. I also speak other languages but we decided to "one person one language", and use English for common family/couple life. As you, I am concerned that we would not be able to reduce the use of English as you say for common family life, specially because I don't understand Farsi and he doesn't understand Spanish (although we are committed to learn...)... and actually I am concerned that the use of English will be impoverish the learning of the other two languages.

Any tip?

Best regards,


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