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Hi there,

I'm a native Spanish speaker, married to an English native speaker. We live in Australia and have a 27 month old daughter.

Since birth we have exclusively used the OPOL method and so far she seems to understand both languages, however since she has started to talk I have noticed she only speaks Spanish and hardly any English ( only 2 or 3 words)She communicates fairly well in Spanish but in English doesn't seem to be that confident.

I must add taht she spends most of her time with me and that I always speak Spanish to her. She also prefers watching Spanish videos than English ones.

Should I worry that she might have a speech delay or problem in English ? Thanks for reading!

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I have the case I've exposed my daughter mainly to english and spanish. She only speaks to me and her dad in english. To uncles and aunts in only spanish. however times she predominates in english. u should just expose her more to both languages  every day. tv.reading etc order to balance it ...

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i think that since you live in an english speaking area you should definitely not worry about her speaking english.  she will learn it!

i know a young boy who heard nothing but gaelic at home and among his parents friends.  he only ever heard english from the tele.  later when he went to school many of his friends spoke english.  if english was the only language he could use to communicate then he would do so. his english was PERFECT!!
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Thats not a problem at all. Continue to speak with her in Spanish. English is prominent in Australia. She's learning more of it than you realize.

Of course you could prompt her by sharing Spanish picture books and pointing to a picture and asking her what the thing is and when she tells you, congratulate her and then ask her "Si! Y en ingles?"

If she doesn't know, tell her the word, then continue on in Spanish. Try and prompt her to repeat the word in English, if she resists, dont insist, but still tell her the word in English.

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