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Hi there, im curently living in Germany due to my husbands occupation but this may be a permanent option for the future.Im due to give birth in 2 weeks but i have this language problem eating me up inside.
The problem is, although it may not be a problem as ive read through the website, is that me and my husbands native language is Turkish.However, ive been born and bred in the UK, ,hence my english! and my husband was born and bred in Germany.
My husbands parents can only speak Turkish.So i i have a multilingual problem here.
I naturally want to speak english to my child as i find it closer to me and much more comfortable to speak at appropriate times. However my husband says that we should both speak turkish and german as we live in Germany, and allow him to learn english later on in the years, but i dont agree.
According to what ive read i believe that speaking english will not harm or confuse the baby , infact it will broaden his mind and thinking.But im still anxious. I would prefer for me to speak english (and turkish sometimes), for my husband to speak german and turkish on and off and my in laws to speak turkish.But will this be too much for my baby to handle and consume, or will it be an advantage for him, i still have doubts.

Can anybody help me, or give me advise on what i should really do!!???What language as a mother should i speak to my baby? Hellllllpppppp Please!!!!!!!!!

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You should absolutely speak English. It is only fair that you get to use your native language for your baby, if this is what you want. Like it or not, English still is the most important language both in education and business around the world, and the earlier the child learns, the better he/she will master it.

My suggestion is:
  • Dad: Turkish
  • Mom: English
  • Community: German
  • Family language (what you and your husband speak to each other): Negotiable - and that language could even change over time if you move, or if the child is falling behind in one language, etc...
And now you need to stand your ground, girl! By that I mean, be very firm, this is simply not up for discussion, and most importantly DO NOT ask anybody's permission. This is YOUR gift to YOUR child. Nobody can deny you that! You are British, remember ;-)

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Yeah, True Say.
Girl Power! Thanx for the boost! Just need to wait till the baby is born now!!!
But as you said, i will definitely speak english, hopefully, and im sure the other languages will come naturally to him in time!!

Cheers for the advice!
Jim Petruska
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You all are blessed - and you are making a curse out of blessings.
Your baby will be very upset with you two when he/she will grow up.
You talk to your baby only English forever, your husband talk to his baby
only in German forever, the grandparents talk to their grandbaby only in Turkish - naturally. As a matter of fact: if your husband's Turkish is good enough he should speak to the baby only in Turkish forever.
Believe me: the kid will speak on his/her own much-much better German
than any other language - no matter if he/she will never hear a word of
German from the parents.
It shocks me that it is not obvous to all.
Good luck
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