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inci mutlu
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Hare Krsna! I would like to thank all very much for providing us parents this precious service.

I am Turkish living in Italy. My husband is Italian. My husband and I we speak only English with eachother.
Since his birth I always speak Turkish with my 5 month old son. His father, relatives and community speaks only Italian with him.
But when we are together with my husband we speak English with eachother and also with our little son.
When I speak Turkish, I also tend to repeat it in English. During the day I also speak English with him two hours a day.
Do you think this system is OK. or are we making mistakes to speak English with him other than our native languages. Will this create a negative effect on his Turkish learning? Please advise and instruct me with your experience and expertise.
I am the only one who can speak Turkish and English with him. Father is the only one who can also speak English with him.
We are planning homeschooling.
p.s. Also he hears me speaking Italian with others other than Turkish and English.
With love and gratitude,

Natalia Balci
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Hi Inci,

I am Colombian I speak Spanish, I live in Turkey and my husband is Turkish. I have two kids. My daughter is now 4 and half and she speaks 3 languages fluent. Spanish with me, English with her dad and Turkish at school. If your husband speaks good English he could speak to your son AT ALL TIMES in English. And he will learn perfect Italian at school.

My daughter understands perfectly who speaks English, who speaks Spanish and who speaks Turkish she almost never mixes any of them. The trick is that you always speak to him in Turkish, your husband always in English and Italian is the easiest for your son to learn in school (relatives, friends etc.)

My son is 14 months so he just started but we are applying the same system so good so far He calls me mamá and he calls his dad Daddy!!

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Thank you for the reply.
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My wife and I speak English between us and we speak different languages to our son and school is yet in another language.

My strong recommendation is not to speak to him a non native language.

Having a great grammar is very useful for future academic success.  Keep in mind that thinking is build with language so we should provide the best language skills we can to help our children think well. 

There is always time to learn good English, specially easy for a multilingual child.
If you want to rush it, get a native to interact with them as often as possible (daily is best)
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