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Hi all,

I am so happy that I found this forum as my little one is growing in 2-3 language environment. I am Lithuanian, my partner is Polish and we live in England therefore we speak English.

Since my little one (Kaj) was born we talked to him in English, then when I came back to work we had Polish babysitter so my little one was picking up Polish a bit. Later my future mother-in-law came to live with us for few months and she spoke with Kaj in Polish as well. Now she left and Kaj started nursery where everybody speaks in English. Well, except one teacher, she is Lithuanian, so I asked her to talk to Kaj in Lithuanian as for some strange reason I can’t make myself speak Lithuanian to my son. It’s just very weird for me as I live in UK for about 8 years now and all the time I speak in English therefore it’s very difficult to turn around to my child and say something in Lithuanian. Now Kaj is 28 months old and when I say something to him in Lithuanian he doesn’t understand but weirdly enough his teacher said that when she tells him something in Lithuanian it looks like he understands everything. Also, I have to mention, that my mum visited us few times (to see Kaj of course ) and she spoke to him in Lithuanian so I guess that’s were Kaj knows this language from?

So my question would be:
Don’t you think it’s too late to start talking in my own language with him? Should I completely switch to speaking Lithuanian with him or little by little, i.e. saying something in English and then translating same sentence to Lithuanian?

Thank you in advance for all your answers
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Start speaking Lithuanian at once. At bare minimum 50 words a day. You can figure that out however you want, pick 10 phrases and count the words in them, whatever, it doesn't matter much. But start speaking it now. Shame on you for waiting so long.

Also, you need to look into some Lithuanian workbooks/toys for him. If there aren't any start making your own. Buy a set of kiddy work books suitable for ages 4 to 10. Begin making your own for Lithuanian. Record your voice and favorite stories in that language, get puppets.

something, anything but good lord, start already with the Lithuanian.
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