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Hello, my dh and I both speak 3 languages, I speak English and Persian (both as a native language bilingual) and have German as an additional language (which I don't use any more due to lack of exposure).  Dh speaks English, Persian and excellent French with a near native accent (I am told this by his French friends as I don't speak French !!).  He was taught French by his father who is not a native French speaker, but who also speaks it extremely well.  We are now in a position to do the same for our son !!!  Our son (4.5 and very bright)  is already Persian/English bilingual (mixes the 2 languages but I am not concerned about this) having attended school here in the UK for the past 5 months, but we would like him to learn French from my husband asap. 

The question is:  should my husband switch completely to French and stop speaking to him in Persian ?  The plan is that I will continue to speak to him in Persian only and obviously he is learning our community language (English) at school.   I am worried that if dh switches to French over night, my son would be shocked by this ?  Is there a more gentle but thorough method of introducing ds to French ?  I am thinking of registering him in a Sat. French programme, but feel that may not give him enough exposure to French.  I am keen for ds to learn French as quickly as possible as I have read research (which I agree with) that after the age of 7 it becomes increasingly difficult to learn languages.

Any thoughts please ? 
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At 4 your son is old enough to understand the concept of a lesson. You and hubby should just tell him that you are going to teach him French. Daddy speaks it very well and will help him. Mommy will enroll him in a weekend French group to make it more fun but he must learn French.

Every day learn a new phrase that he'll need everyday anyway and tell him to say that thing only in French (Merci, Bonjour, sil vous plait, and things like I want/dont want, need dont need. Today I did...etc.) Once your son is learning French phrases (or as he learns them) your husband start repeating himself in French after saying something in Perisian so your son gets used to hearing it. Get him in a French group. Play his DVD's only in French if they have a French audio track. Get him a work book to help with his vocabulary and daddy needs to start reading to him in French constantly.

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this is same my problem my baby 4.5 years he speake the arabic languge we came to the uk since 1 year but he tell now  he dont know speake english
what i do i chang my laguge to speake with him i speake now in english and he now speake english ver well So my Advice to you speake with your baby in any languge you want him to learn
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