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Hello everybody,
I am so glad I found this webpage!
Our dear son is 3 years old and I am starting to worry about his language skills.
I am spanish but we live in THe Netherlands.  My partner is dutch.
I am the only one speaking to my son in spanish.  I have never talked to him in dutch.  I believe he has to learn these two languages: that is the best present we can give to him.  I know he will be very happy in the future.
Anyway, sometimes I wonder if we should visit a logopedist since his dutch is also not so good.  He talks both languages and understands everything but as if he was 2 years old.
His spanish sentences have 2 words... his dutch sentences are more elaborated but yet, his peers speak FAR much beter.
I dont want that he is going to have problems in school (he is starting when he gets 4 years old)
Do you think I should look for help? I am talking to him a lot and reading also a lot...
I wonder if your children were doing the same when they were 3 too.
I also heard that boys do slowlier... when learning to talk.
Thank you so much in advance!
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Hi,  I have had some problems as well with my now 4.5 year old who is still a bit behind for his age.  We speak french and english at home but the french is not my home language I have just learnt it.  My son started learning french from 2 years and only separated the two languages at the age of 3.5 years which is probably slower than normal.  I have had to really work hard with him to get him to a point now where he is quite conversant in french by reading books, talking OPOL all the time DVDs etc.  In fact we have been going so well with the french now he lacks in his english so I have had to turn around and work on his english skills.  I have also seen a speech therapist because his pre-school has been annoying me about his english skills etc.  I have found that he lacks english conversation so we are now working on that side of it and he is getting better.  What I would like to say is don't worry too much he is talking even if not as much as other children.  It will come together all of a sudden and if you feel for your own satisfaction that you need to see someone go ahead and reassure yourself, I believe this will stop you from worrying so much- it did for me.  Children also sense when there is stress and worry and I have found this to be true.  Once you stop worrying so much about his language skills and let your child learn at their pace things will be better.  Also try not to compare your child to others - this is the hardest thing for a mother but really all children are different and learn at different levels.   Believe in yourself your know your own child and what he can do.  Keep up the good work.  Best of luck.
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I know of many multilingual children living in Holland and it does not sound like your son has any problems. Boys do seem too progress mores slowly than girls but it is a temporary thing. 
With regards to shool, my elder daughter just started at a Dutch school. Her Dutch understanding is good but her spoken Dutch is weak. The school said that it is no issue as the main thing they worry about is the ability of the child to follow instructions.
Best of luck,
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