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Hello all,


I’m Portuguese and my wife is Venezuelan (Spanish speaker). We have a 10 month child and are currently living in Portugal. I lived 10 years in Venezuela (went to the University) were i met my wife.
We always spoke Spanish at home and now that we have a child I don’t know if I should:

1-    Speak Portuguese with him and Spanish with my wife or,

2-    keep speaking Spanish only at home the 3 of us and Portuguese outside with other people and family!?!


Advice will be appreciated.





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Isnt portugese and spanish similar?
I would speak your native languge with your child as much as you can and have your wife speak her language with him...
John Kay
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 I agree with Sandra, you should speak your mother tongue to your child. Even though you have lived a long time in South America don't you still dream in Portuguese?

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I don not agree with the advice given. I am Portuguese, living in Portugal, and am almost native in German, as well. My husband is Portuguese. We have a daughter and have tried the recommended method - father speaks Portuguese, mother German and between both Portuguese (since my husband does not speak German). My daughter does now (she is 9 years old) understand German but has never spoken German. I have tried several methods, none of them worked. Now, what I really believe would have worked was for my husband to learn German and German would be the language spoken at home.
Since you live in Portugal, your child will always have contact with the Portuguese language. On the street, at school, on TV, etc. Portuguese should not be your major concern, since you live in Portugal. Focus on Spanish and let the rest of the family speak Portuguese. This is the best advice I can give.
Hatice Ciyanci
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I completely agree with Marta. Children tend to speak the dominant language that they are exposed outside in general. If you want him speak in Spanish not only understand, you should both speak Spanish at home. Portugese will be there already for you..

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