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Hi everyone
Im French and live in Miami. My husband is Cuban so his native language is spanish, but we speak English together. I speak a little bit of Spanish, and he understand French but doesn’t speak it.
We are soon to be parents, and we are wondering how to introduce these languages to our son.
Let me recap:
Mom: French
Dad: spanish
Community: English and Spanish (Miami is very Latino)
Language spoken at home: English

So basically, I’m the only one that can teach my child French. So I’m planning on talking to him in French as much as I can.
If dad speaks Spanish with the baby, where are we going to place English ? We speak English together, but we don’t want to confuse the baby by introducing too many languages, as he can learn English at school also.
But our family language is English, so how are we gonna speak English together and not confuse the baby?
I read that one language = one person.
So me = French, daddy = spanish. If we mix with English, I’m scared he doesn’t learn French enough.
He’ll have no problem with English and Spanish as they are the community languages.

Thanks for your help!!
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