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Does anyone know where to buy children's dvd's in spanish and/or mandarin?

Specifically I would like to be able to buy Dora in spanish and Kai Lan in mandarin.  I know that Dora is shown in many countries in other languages, but I have never been able to find a place to buy them in another language.

What they show here in the U.S. with both shows mostly in English with only a little bit of spanish or mandarin isn't enough.

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Hi, Trisha. I see nobody has yet responded. If you look under the Resource Directory of this website, you should be able to find some useful sites for Spanish and/or Mandarin videos and children's toys and activities.  Apart from that, in our household we've had some good luck (and some not so great luck) finding Mandarin videos through Barnes and Noble/Amazon/Borders Books (online) (Mei Mei sings Chinese is a favorite).  We've also purchased some videos which, though serving their purpose, were not quite the quality we had hoped or expected.   
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