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I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter, and I would like for her to know 3 languages. I live in America, but I am from Russia, so I speak Russian fluently, my husband is from Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish fluently. The primary language spoken at home is English, but my daughter spends most of her time with my mother in law, where she hears both English and Spanish, on a daily basis. She is not as exposed to Russian as she only spends time with my parents maybe once a week sometimes less. She has started talking, but mostly in English, and I know she understands Spanish and Russian. (Spanish better, than Russian). I would like for her to be fluent in all 3 languages, but I just don't know where to start as everyone she is exposed to goes back and forth in the the languages they speak.
Both my husbands family and my family, along with him and myself agree that we want her to know these languages, but we don't have any idea of how to do this and who should be speaking what language and how often. Could someone please help?

2 1/2 yr old
no language system
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I'm not an expert, but since your native language is Russian why don't you just speak to her in Russian all the time and your husband just talk to her in Spanish all the time?  Is it possible for you to learn some Spanish and your husband some Russian?  If so, you could start gradually using those languages around the house. 

I wonder if your daughter sees each of you trying to learn another language if that would communicate to her that learning and speaking another language is a good thing? 

Jim Petruska
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It is very simple.
Talk, read, sing  to your baby only in Russian - forever
Her Russian will never be as good as her Spanish, as her Spanish will
never be as good as her English. But she will speak and understand three
languages enviably well, you will see.
Seeing your parents once a week is also incredibly helpful.
It is simple and fun.
Vsyevo horoshevo

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You should   speak, read sing etc.  to her in Russian only and try to spend with her as much time as u can and speak, speak and speak. Think about using one parent one language system. It is working for me so far I have 2,5 year old son who is speaking Polish (the most cause he stay with me most of the time) and Urdu ( my husband speaks to him) and little English (he knows from us we communicate in English, TV and  playground) We do not put too much pressure on English yet we figure out  that  he will get it at school we live in USA too.

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