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1. We live in the U.S.
2. My husband and I speak native English, I speak non-native Chinese and non-native French (both fluently), and my husband speaks native Hebrew
3. Our child is 13 months old
4. No language system!

Since my husband and I only share one common language,
mL@H is out of the question. I knew from before our child was born that we wouldn't be regimented enough to do OPOL -- I knew we wouldn't speak to each other in English and then to our child in our respective languages. Plus, I'd only be able to read to her in English. So we ended up just speaking English to her 99% of the time.

I only now heard from a friend that it wouldn't confuse the child if one parent switches randomly between languages. Is this true? I would really love for our child to learn Chinese and Hebrew. I also know we wouldn't be regimented to choose specific days to speak the languages. And like I said, I can only read to her in English and not in Chinese. Would it be beneficial if we did decide to randomly speak to her in Chinese and Hebrew? Or would it be useless or too confusing?
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No, it shouldn't be too confusing. She'll need a minute or two to figure out whats happened, but she should be able to grasp ahold quickly enough.

I recommend that you look into using French in one routine, every day. For example, speak to her in French when you dress her. Start small: Lets put on your shirt!

Work your way up a little more each day, and by the end of a month, or three, your baby should be able to understand you rambling on about her clothes being messy on the floor of her room in French.

Get "My first 100 Words" in French. When you guys are sitting and calm together, try looking through the pictures and telling her what they are. Tell little stories about them and be creative. Focus on one section every 1 or 2 weeks.

Make Bath time in French, and call her Breakfast foods in French, even when your speaking English, you want to get her a lot of vocab and then wean yourself of the mixing before she starts speaking fluently.

Good luck.

Look into
Ana Lamba's "Play and Learn French"

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