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Jeff Millaire
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It's an understatement to say this is a great forum...thank you all.

We live in jacksonville, FL, USA.
Our baby girl is due at the end of May.
The mom is a native German and wants to speak German to the baby.
I am an American who spent time in Spain.  I want to speak Spanish to the baby.
I have a decent level of Spanish (non-native) and am confident I can improve going forward.

So we are trying for OPOL with the 3 rd language, the native language of English coming from my relatives,  neighbors, day care, society.....?

Anyone have any similar experience or hopes?
I'd like to hear any reasons why this might be too ambitious
or why we should not.

Thank you for any feedback you could offer.


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I love this place too and I dont even have kids!

I say go for OPOL. Invest in a region free DVD player and began stocking up on DVD's in the 2 minority langauges.

If you love TV, began detaching yourself from it because you should try and make your home a Non-English environment once your child gets to be about 1 and 1/2 to 2 years old. So she can get get a good foundation in her two native languages.

It will be easier for her to continue in Spanish because the US is now making it a big deal, its the "best thing for kids" and all that so really keep your eyes peeled for German media.
Go to Google Books and search "Teach me German" let your wife look at those books, then check them out of the library/buy them. You guys should begin thinking about/amassing German resources for your kiddo.

and check out this book "Growing up with Three Languages: Birth to Eleven"
You can preview it on GoogleBooks and on I'm going to go to a bookstore soon and check it out. I really think that this book maybe the best thing for you to begin reading and checking into.
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It is completely possible. I actually know two German women living in Texas with children, and their husbands both speak Spanish fluently. I'm pretty sure that English is the "family" language. One woman's son is almost 2 and he speaks a little, but not much. The other woman's daughter is also almost 2 and does speak quite a bit of German. I think girls in general speak quicker. But the multiple languages could make it take awhile for the child to start speaking. However, it will happen. I'm speaking Spanish to my 2 year old, and it's not my native language; he is doing great. Good luck!
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Thanks Katie.
What is your spanish background if you don't mind me asking....
I appreciate your support.

My girl is 5 months and I have stuck with it....actually enjoyed!
I am working daily on my spanish and actually speaking spanish to
my wife (she has a good level) as to stay well ahead of my conversations with our baby girl....

I think it's relavent...will help her have an open mind....and the basis for my decision is that I wish my dad (who had a good level French language) would have spoke his french with me....


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