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Priscilla Taoufik
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Hi all,
I am expecting my first child and am having a difficult time deciding on a language system.
Here is my situation:
*We live in the United States.
*My husband speaks Arabic, Spanish, and English
*I speak English, Spanish, and conversational Arabic

What I know for sure:
1)My husband and mother in law will speak to my son in Arabic
2)My husband and I will continue to communicate in Spanish
3) I will speak to my son in Spanish
4) As a family we will speak Spanish
5)My son will be exposed to English outside of the home through other relatives and later on when he goes to school

My doubt:
*While I know that my son will eventually pick up English at school, I have a desire to still provide him with significant learning experiences in English early on. For example, I am a first grade teacher and I want to be able to read to him in English from the beginning, especially since there is more variety of literature available in English. However, since Spanish is a minority language, I worry that bringing in the English will diminish the Spanish. 

Any advice on what I should do? Should I just make it my priority to speak to him in Spanish since he will eventually get the English? If I decide to read to him in English will that confuse him?
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I have a son (7), who speaks German, Chinese, and English. At home he talks to his dad in German and to me in Chinese. He learned English at school 3 year ago when we move to Britain. At beginning, we wanted to help him with learning English, but he refused. We had no idea about his progress in English until we were in Italy for holiday one year later. He started to talk to our Italian friends in English. His English was good and with British accent.
Now we help him with his English reading, writing, and spelling like any other parents. Apart from that, we don't talk to him in English. At this age, he has set up a system for himself.
I would suggest, first, you wait and see how your child's languages develop. Stick to the system you set up. Don't read to him in English now. It might cause confusion.This can wait until he is at school. even then you should  just let teachers do the job and still wait and see if your child needs your help.

You have to be very paitient. you son might speak out slower than others ( my son didn't speak properly until 5)

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