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Mellisa Franklin
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I'm so glad to have found this site! The information I've learned so far is invaluable & I feel lucky to have found this resource while our daughter is only 6 months old.

We want to raise her with another language but are unsure where to start as both my husband & I are native English speakers. I am inclined to teach her French as I spent ages 6-12 in 2 French speaking countries and became comfortable with the language. I am no longer fluent but feel I could pick it up again quickly and I'm already speaking some French to her. I would also have the support of the Alliance Francaise and the French immersion school that is in our city.

However, we live in southern California which means it is possible to hear Spanish daily & it would be very easy to have someone in our home speaking Spanish to her. Neither my husband nor I speak it though and we would be starting at the very beginning to learn it. So, is it better to teach her a language that I know I can easily become fluent in, and, as a stay-at-home Mom, speak to her all day? Or is it better to teach her a language that is heard in the community? Ideally we would love for her to learn both but I read in another post how it is rare for non-native speakers to successfully juggle two non-native languages. We are planning to stay in this area for another 5-6years and then we hope to live in a different country. Either a French or Spanish speaking country is a possibility. Thanks in advance for the help!
1. Country - U.S.A
2. Language of Family - English
3. Age of child - 6 months
4. Language system - need help choosing
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It may be more practical with Spanish, but raising a bilingual child is generally most successful when you do it 'naturally'. For that reason I'd suggest French. Spanish is also well covered in the community already, and perhaps you can start adding a Spanish immersion daycare or pre-school later on. That way yo still get all 3 languages.

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Christina Bosemark
Founder & List Moderator
Multilingual Children’s Association

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