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Hi Everybody!

I live in Germany and I have a 2 months old baby girl. Since she was born my husband speaks to her in German and I in English but, I'm Hispanic and I would also like her to learn Spanish. Can I start speaking to her in Spanish now? or will that be more confusing for her in the long run?

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Do! Speak! There may be some initial confusion, with mummy purring new sounds to her, although that is debatable since she is so young.  What you do with her, how you proceed linguistically and in other ways, will be her normal.  Spanish is a beautiful language, and raising a bilingual child is not easy, oh, no. However, this is a beautiful and useful gift that you can give your child (and some say a responsibility to do so), and there is no need to wait. The sooner your child starts to hear those sounds, the sooner she will be able to imitate them. 
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