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Hello!  I have a three year old in the U.S. that I am considering homeschooling.  I am looking for books on teaching reading to multilingual kids.  I don't know if they're out there (books, not kids), but I have to admit that the task is a little daunting knowing how confusing English is.  (Spanish is SO much easier to read.)  My husband is going to teach our daughter English and I'm going to do Spanish, just like we do the oral language now.  I look forward to your suggestions.  Thanks.

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I have two sons 3 1/2 and 1 and I am also considering homeschooling.  I am looking for a curriculum to use with the boys.  There are tons available in English but all of the Spanish is beginning Spanish.  My oldest son is fluent in Spanish and his English is not far behind.  I would like to find a curriculum that is for native Spanish speakers.  If anyone knows where to find one, I would appreciate it.  
Where are you located, Christina?  We are in Dallas, Texas.
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Hi Adriana!  I'm sorry that I'm just responding to your email now.  I didn't receive a reply.  Perhaps I forgot to susbscribe to the thread.  Oh well!  Anyway, we're located in the DC area.  In terms of homeschooling, I'm planning on schooling her in English with an established homeschooling group.  I figured I would just continue Spanish with her on the side.  I'm actually planning to do all our English instruction in one of our extra bedrooms so that will be an 'English Only' room.  I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to teach her to read English and Spanish concurrently without confusing her.  Any ideas?
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Dear Christina:
I had noticed your posting and, yes, noticed that no one really responded.  For me, it has always been more of an intrinsic guide of how and why to proceed.  I don't have time to read for "pleasure" as an active mother raising a bilingual child, having multiple jobs, being a literacy volunteer, and working on a degree. Also, I was raised bilingually, as were my brothers, and so really my approach has been to emulate my parents and my upbringing (of course, always hoping to do better).  It is different, too, because her father speaks only English, and for me growing up, English wasn't in the home, and really it was seen more as a bad word (don't say the "E" word!). But it worked, to varying degrees between myself and my siblings, and yet thusly two of the three of us have established lives with people outside of our linguistic and ethnic community. I did come across a book: Second Language Reading Research and Instruction by ZhaoHong Han and Neil  J. Andersen (editors). It looks to be a compilation of articles and although I haven't read it, might be a good stepping stone to use.  My daughter (4) can read, although only when prompted and is still in the "word" reading stage. I have always been very proactive and active with the Latvian that she and I speak, while her father speaks only English.  He has recently decided to beef up his English reading instruction, promising her the moon if only she'll learn, but observing his poor technique (no instruction really), makes me think I may eventually be teaching this to her, too.  Latvian she has no problems with, as far as reading words, because like I think you said, Spanish is easier, I feel similar about the Latvian. All the letters are pronounced, there aren't any leftover, unpronounced letters when a word is read, like in English.  She is also in Chinese immersion, and although she is learning characters, this week she brought home classwork which, in fact, had four different tonal As to pronounce, so it seems maybe she is looking at letters in school now, too.  So, good luck with the teaching.

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