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Hello all,


I am a doctoral student in Bilingual Education at New York University, and the mother of two multilingual children.  Like every parent raising multilingual children, I am concerned about their language development and hope they will reach high levels of speaking and understanding in all their languages, but I know that, unfortunately, this is not always the case.


I am looking for participants for my dissertation project on the acquisition of more than one language at home.  If you are a parent raising a 3-5 year-old bilingual/multilingual child, you may decide to participate in my study by filling out an online questionnaire, which will help me understand better how multilingual children learn their languages at home.  I hope to be able to ultimately help parents understand how they can encourage their children’s language learning at home on a daily basis.


By filling out the questionnaire, you will be answering questions about your family’s environment, language use, social networks, and travel experience.  You will then receive a brochure containing information and useful tips on raising multilingual children. 


If you are interested, please contact me at and tell me where you live and what languages you and your spouse use with your children, and I will email you the link to the questionnaire.  I would like to thank you very much in advance for your time.



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Multilingual kids? Thats so neat. What languages do your kids speak?
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French, Thai and English
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