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I was wondering if someone could help me. My wife and I are planning to raise our (future) kids bilingually, but our secondary language is an obscure language that has very few written materials fit for children. I very much want to use book and other written materials to help our children learn, especially using bedtime stories and vocabulary books written in the language. Obviously these would start out simply and become more advanced as our kids got older.

What I have done so far is take pre-existing children's books and translate the text, then print off the text, cut it up, and paste it in. This becomes very work-intensive and sometimes frustrating. What I was wondering is if there are any resources out there for bilingualizing books in a way that is a little more high-tech. I'm not sure of specifically what I am envisioning, but I find the internet to be full of wonderful surprises and tools. For example, maybe there is a site that will publish bilingual stories made by lay people? Maybe there is a site where pre-existing stories can be translated by the general public, with these translations then made available to them?

If anyone has any ideas for me, or has dealt with a similar situation and can give us any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

South Dakota
United States
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Hi Paha,

Check out this link
and follow the link to primer development software.

There might be software available to help you create your own basic children's books, and, depending on the language, there might even be something available already.

Best wishes.

Carmen Aucone
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There is a website were you can create your own books. I teach English as a Second language and create books with the students' work. The website is The books look great.

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