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My husband speaks only spanish to our son 3 and daughter 11mo. and has primarily only spoke spanish my son's entire life. I am stay at home and speak only english. Our son, I always felt had appropriate speech for his age. Some words hard to understand. He fully understands spanish and can correct his father even on some words. However generally only speaks english except for certain spanish words. We are in a class at school where he plays with kids and teacher for an hour. The teacher asked me if I had hard time understanding him at home. She said she could not understand him and he was getting frustrated. I feel this happens rarely at home. She suggested maybe checking him for early screening for speech. My husband thinks it is just one persons opinion and he is still young and all kids at this age are hard to understand.

Our inlaws of course think we are confusing our son. Is this expected or normal for kids that are growing up in bilingual home ? Most teachers agree this is a great gift we are giving him but dont know much about it and how it affects learning, etc.
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Hi Sara,

See my answer on your other post. Bottom line: probably no need to worry, but for peace of mind, contact a bilingual speech pathologist.

Good luck!

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