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I am German and live in the US since 8 years. My husband speaks just English. I am fluent in German and English, but speaking English is now almost easier ;-)
I have 9 Month old son. I would love for him to learn German and I probably have not put as much effort into it like I should. I do not need him to be 100% fluent in German- I am ok if he understands and speaks some down the road.
I have been speaking German to him just when we are alone, speaking English when his dad is home or we are out and about ( we are pretty active: playgroups, swimming,story times.....). I also read a lot to him...sometimes German books, sometimes books in English. There is no one else around us that speaks German.....
Here my worry: is it too confusing to him if I speak both languages with him? Will he be able to tell the difference down the road?
It is so difficult to do OPOL for me. But I do not want to confuse him too much either. Any good suggestions, experience, .....???
I really appreciate any input!!
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OMG.. I thought I read something I wrote.. Im swiss (german speaking part) and I have a 8 and 9y old. I know how you feel... I have nobody in my area either who speaks german.. Do you have some german cd? keep talking!!!
Im in NC
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Sandra, are you speaking German to your kids? How did you manage???
 I have been better about speaking German to my son, but just when it is just us....otherwise I still speak English to him. I am just afraid he won't understand the difference between the 2 languages down the road.
I got some German children songs we listen to, and we read some German books. I also got some Disney movies in German - but he is still too little to watch a movie )))
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I don't think you are confusing your baby. I am in the same situation. My boy is 2 years old. We normally speak Turkish but I started speaking to him in English like a month ago. I cannot speak to him just English, like you. It is Turkish most of the time, but English especially when we are alone. I know this is not enough for him to be bilingual but even with this little exercise, he started answering some of my questions. I ask in English and he replies me in Turkish. That is amazing! Babies are really clever and they learn the language in a mysterious way So I don't think they are confused. They just learn! I think you should keep talking!

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Hello, I have nothing to do with german but I am involved with spanish, greek and english, and I thought I should share it with you.
I am from Venezuela, spanish speaking and now live in Cyprus where I came 14 years ago with my two elder sons (5 and 2 at the time). At that time, none of us with any knowledge of greek. I spoke english but not my children. I put them in nursery school in greek and as they were very young they picked it up quite quickly. After two years I met my actual husband. We met in english and up to now we still communicate in english. My children speak to their stepfather (my husband) in greek and to me in spanish, and by listening to us talking english and tv in english, they also pick it up. We had other two children, and since the beginning I talked to them in spanish, the father in greek, and they went to nursery school in english, which they had already picked up from us. We never spoke english to them but when they went to nursery they could communicate pretty good. 
Now they all have the three languages. 
When we are all together like having lunch. I speak spanish, my husband greek, between us english, and the children between them and the father greek, and to me spanish. 
It sounds a bit crazy but none of the children has got any problem, and they do well in school (in greek).
The spanish is the most difficult one to keep since there is not many spanish speaking people around, even among them they speak greek. 
It is hard to keep speaking spanish to them specially when there are friends around, but even though it might not  be very polite to speak spanish to them in front of other people, I still do it. Because if I switch to greek or english that will be the easy way out for them, and they will forget the spanish. 
A bit of a long and complicated story but I thought I had to share.
The earlier the children pick up a language the easier for them. It would be a shame that he doesn't get the german from you at an early age. My advice is to speak german to him all the time and not mix with english. 
Hope this helps. It is hard but it is possible.
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