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I want to ask you for advice about my 19 months old daughter. We are an Spanish couple living in Ireland with her. This means that we -my husband and me- speak to hear only in Spanish (only English when there are other people around). The fact is that we have decided (and in fact we have had for the last 7 months) to have French nannies. And our daughter is starting to say words in the 3 different languages (although she speaks more in Spanish and French, because by now those are the languages she spends more time with). I want to follow with this for the future, but, only for this following 2 months in summer, we have decided to hire a German nanny. She barely speaks Spanish and, obviously, have a perfect German and very fluent English. The thing is that I think (between quotation marks) that introduce my daughter a 4th language would be too much, but I strongly believe that the best should be to speak children or babies in the "native language" of the minder. So, my doubt is:
Shall I ask for the future German nanny to speak to my daughter in her native language (therefore, German), or could she try to speak to her in English, althouth not being her native language?
All the opinions welcome.
Regards and thank you beforehand for your advices,

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I must say that is amazing. I have a baby girl too at age 19 months. She seems to pick language up really fast. My aunt helps me take care of her and my aunt speaks in Cantonese. I also speak Cantonese and English so I am doing both at home with her. And my husband speaks French and English. And my baby girl seemed able to organized the different languages. Since my husband cannot understand Cantonese and she speaks in Cantonese to him and she seems to pick up that he doesn't understand her so she speaks in English to him next if she mumbles and not too clear she will say it in French next. So for the same word "open" she is able to understand that she can say it in 3 languages that means the same thing.
On the other hand my 3 year old son is completely confused with languages he is not fluent in any nor want to speak and it create a bit of frustration among us. Also boys in general is delay in speech. So we are taking out Cantonese and French and speak English to him when he is around since it is what is used in school to help him use words to solve some behavior issues. And we are looking at speech therapy for him to at least get one language down before reintroducing him the languages back.

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