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Hi Everyone!

My Fiance and I have been discussing child-rearing in light of the fact we are trying to get pregnant, and I expressed to him that I would like the children to be multilingual. Because he's Korean, I would love for the children to be able to speak with him in Korean as well as his family - who don't speak much English. He and I will speak Korean to each other as well (since I'm still learning the language myself and need all the practice I can get.) While I would like to speak Korean to the children as well (it is my preferred language even over my native language - English), I feel it would be better if I give them another language - like French, which I speak at near-fluency. The children will be attending an Arabic immersion school because we are Muslim and I would like for them to understand the religion in the language in which is was revealed. And we live in America and my family speaks English only, The community language will most likely be English.

So that's: Korean + French + Arabic + English = 4 Languages.

My question is would it be detrimental for the children to learn a fifth language, such as Chinese or Spanish, at the same time? Since they are two very widely spoken languages, I feel it would benefit the children to learn them. Emphasis on Chinese, since it is much harder to learn so I feel it would be better if they learned that language much earlier in life to get a better grasp on it.

My husband thinks that should wait, saying that Korean will make it easier for them to learn Chinese later and since French and Spanish both come from Latin, that will be easier as well. He thinks that adding any extra will be an overload.

What do you think?
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What a great question! My daughter speaks 4 languages, 3 of them are absolutely fluent, the fourth is going great and it has been less than a year since we exposed her to it, but now we moved countries (again ! though we hope it will be the last time) and there is a really great opportunity for her to learn a fifth language, but I read in some book (I don't remember anymore which one) that 4 languages is a maximum. Does anyone have any experience? or can anyone direct me to some literature or a specialist? Many Thanks. 

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