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My son is nearly 6 and we will move to a new country. He says he wants to learn the language there and I want to support him. He will likely go to an international, English-speaking school and have Swedish taught as a foreign language, amounting to just a couple of hours a week. I doubt this will be enough.

Pertinent information, our son is bilingual English/German and we live in Hungary. Although he was born and has always lived here, he has never picked up Hungarian and refuses to try and is visibly uncomfortable if he can't understand other kids. That's why I'm psyched for him to WANT to learn Swedish.

What are your suggestions for a middle ground between 2 hrs/wk of ineffectual instruction in school and full-on school and activities in Swedish that would make him lonely and unhappy?  We will all need to learn Swedish if we want to speak it. None of us do. I was thinking something like a babysitter who speaks one of his languages as well, but only speaks Swedish to him.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks so much!

Living in Hungary, moving to Sweden
English at home, German when we're out
Kids are 2 & 6
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