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Using the majority language in social situations Ann 2,213 1
by ReG=Rhonda
Multilingual parents in foreign country...and my son? Javier 2,270 3
by ReG=Dannie Kovalenko
monolingual parents/baby coming in Sept. Jason 2,411 6
by ReG=Adrian Villalobos
toddler remains silent at nursery - help! Heather 2,122 1
by ReG=Kristina Campbell
Rear children singing in English Tiziana 2,223 2
by ReG=Sarah
Is it enough that only I speak french to my daughter emily 2,806 5
by ReG=Lana
What happens when only the father is bilingual? Gumercindo 2,339 1
by ReG=Rhonda Broussard
Some guidance needed Georgina 2,318 7
by ReG=Karen
Disagreements with Husband CJ 2,804 4
by ReG=Karen
Learning to read Tanna 2,249 3
by ReG=Karen
Bilingual baby Spanish/English Adrian Villalobos 2,472 4
by ReG=Cecilia
Need your advice, good people Victor 2,140 4
by ReG=Monica
OPOL or ML@H? Matt 2,202 2
by ListModerator
Strange trilingual situation Zara 2,194 3
by ListModerator
Language systems with non-native speaker parent Josepha 2,459 6
by ReG=Michal
semilingualism Helena 2,913 7
by ReG=Michal
Choosing a language & language system Mellisa Franklin 1,993 1
by ListModerator
Glad to have found you! Katrin 2,048 6
by ReG=Mark Rogers
Multilingual situation Manuel Monteleone 2,074 1
by ListModerator
;anguage system Sorina 1,863 1
by ListModerator
MY QUEST FOR SPANISH teaching materials Lana 2,227 3
by ReG=Lana
Which language system? Katja 2,311 5
by ReG=Lana
introducing 2nd non-native language helena 2,011 2
by ReG=Helena
Understanding native-speakers Tiziana 2,342 1
by ListModerator
Handling second non-native language Sylvia 1,939 1
by ListModerator
Lycee in London Omma 3,123 3
by ReG=Omma
Non-native of English, immersion problem, OPOL or mL@H? Jerry 1,943 2
by ReG=Jerry
Advice on social circumstances EXUK 1,996 1
by ListModerator
English, not my native language Talmor 2,016 1
by ListModerator
Non-native speaker of French Isabel 2,228 4
by ListModerator
Not my mother tongue, but still... Shan 2,048 1
by ListModerator
Enough of the community language? Michelle 2,111 2
by ReG=Anneka Brimhall
Remembering to use non-dominant language Anneka Brimhall 2,098 1
by ListModerator
3 bilinguals now 1 trilingual? Moni 2,158 2
by ReG=Moni
Spanish w/8yo Kris Boyle-Topete 1,928 1
by ListModerator
OPOL or ML@H? Tim 2,222 5
by ReG=Rebecca
1 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old starting French sheilagh 2,015 3
by sheilagh
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