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English spoken by Italians Tiziana Modesti 3,670 6
by ReG=Letizia
Questions regardin OPOL Dilek 1,899 1
by ReG=Tatiana
Summer nursery abroad (United Kingdom) Tiziana 1,741 0
by Tiziana
Disciplining in Native Language Christina 1,783 2
by ReG=Christina
Single mum teaching English in Denmark!?! Julie 1,753 0
by Julie
Mixing Languages Danuta 1,788 0
by Danuta
Trilingualism: what method Gabriele 2,426 3
by ReG=Joy
Help: which method? Sara 1,887 0
by Sara
Any alternatives to the langauge systems? Tamar 2,638 1
by ReG=Anna
Exposing your child to a language you can't speak Thomas H 2,325 1
by ReG=Kimberly G
American born bilingual Chinese dad and monolingual mother Tao_Jie_Mei 1,840 0
by Tao_Jie_Mei
HELP!!! 4 languages with a twist. ODMD 2,136 2
by ReG=Tao_Jie_Mei
Raising a multilingual child with limited OPOL exposure Adam 1,955 0
by Adam
Variations on the OPOL method - monolingual mom, bilingual dad Katie 2,431 1
by ReG=Andrea
English couple living in Germany. Best language system? Maddy Aldis-Evans 2,067 1
by ReG=Victoria
Teaching reading & writing in multiple languages expecting-joy 2,484 0
by expecting-joy
Potuguese/English Sarah Neary 2,630 1
by ReG=Rodrigo
daughter is mixing languages Clare Lorring 2,730 1
by ReG=Sarah Neary
greek/ i introduce english? Franceska 2,333 1
by ReG=Natasha Ksendzoff
Non Native French - Trouble Later On ? Maree 2,963 4
by ReG=Olivier
How early do I need to start ? Nevy 2,705 2
by ReG=Esther
can I speak 2 languages to my kid Miguel 3,806 10
by ReG=Ester
English-speaking adoptive parents of Guatemalan infant Shelley Blakely 2,534 0
by Shelley Blakely
Raising a trilingual daughter Krish 2,366 1
by ReG=Mona Osman Zieminska
Difficult languages - English/Japanese David Ainley 2,240 0
by David Ainley
2 minority languages Lughaidh 2,093 0
by Lughaidh
introducing 3rd language (italian) to a bilingual child (polish/english) Magda 2,311 1
by ReG=Monika
intermediate spanish speaker, wife fluent help? Grant 2,020 0
by Grant
english mom and french/english dad with rusty french john 3,401 1
by ReG=John
Russian/English Smruti 3,119 5
by ReG=Danijela Ristic
Switching from OPOL to MLOH at 27months Grant 2,345 2
by ReG=Grant
Husband and I non-native speakers sherri 2,262 1
by ReG=Karen
approach of speaking Third language to my baby Deepali 2,145 0
by Deepali
My husband and I are non-native speakers Sherri 2,036 0
by Sherri
Need help deciding on method Heather 2,058 2
by ReG=Courtney
Speaking in the community (Italy) a non-native language (English) Tiziana 2,494 7
by ReG=Lana
Non-native English speaker wants to teach reading in English. Tiziana 2,773 2
by ReG=Lana
Anxious monolingual parent! Barry 2,257 2
by ReG=Melissa
English/Hebrew/Swedish Dan Winblad 2,113 0
by Dan Winblad
Moving out of the country with my monolingual 9yo daughter Courtney 2,489 0
by Courtney
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