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Is it a little late? Yolanda 1,883 0
by Yolanda
soon to be parents (German/U.S.) w/ ? re: bilingual Ken 1,874 1
by ReG=Shelley
Japanese/English in Japan jamie 2,762 2
by ReG=Lara
Language use expectations GermanAmericanDad 2,022 1
by ReG=Bis
Trilingual or Bilingual child? Alexis 2,275 2
by ReG=Bis
Dad speaks German, mom Spanish, living inThe Netherlands Marissa 2,860 3
by ReG=Marina
2 days for a language? Modified OPOL? Olga 2,175 2
by ReG=Olga
Should I speak English to my wife in my son's presence? Paul 2,166 2
by ReG=Paul Waters
how do I do 3 languages?! Frederieke Hens 2,274 1
by ReG=frederiek chatfield
Bilingual - Spanish speaking mom with English speaking dad Michelle 8,116 8
by ReG=Meredith
Your advice on raising son with 4 languages GA 2,154 2
by ReG=ga
My son has to learn 2 foreign languages based on another one, does someone can help us? Sandra 2,006 0
by Sandra
bilingual - which language to speak between parents Peter 2,386 1
by ReG=Clara
Father Englich, Mother German, Living in what? Gary 2,383 1
by ReG=Clara
Dutch/German/English in Czech Republic Ingrid 1,901 1
by ReG=Gabriela
Too late to change system? (trilingual mom & bilingual dad) T & D 1,827 0
by T & D
Mom English, Dad Spanish, parents speak both together Joanna 2,843 1
by ReG=Delina
Trilingual lang. system for frequently moving family Azadeh 2,075 0
by Azadeh
Keen to hear from parents using ML@H Barry Thorne 1,997 1
by ReG=Tareshen
Trilingual - do we need to learn each others languages? Fran 3,744 5
by ReG=languagelover
thoughts on our mixed system Deborah 1,863 2
by ReG=Deborah
Three-year-old Responds In ML Shelley 2,182 3
by ReG=Ed
Single mum - three languages?! lina 2,297 2
by ReG=Anna
Best language system for bilingual parents Rose Marie 2,791 3
by ReG=Anna
Babysitter - which language? Amelie 2,108 1
by ReG=Anna
Trilingual child - which language system? Veronique 2,713 3
by ReG=Anna
Trilingual (european/asian) advice john 2,160 2
by ReG=Ray Tam
Bilingual family in a third language country anna 2,202 0
by anna
living abroad & preteen-mL@H Courtney 2,100 1
by ReG=Rachel
Need some advice Sanja 1,865 2
by ReG=Sanja
triligual family eva 2,420 3
by ReG=Connie
Bilingual Child - swedish/chinese languagelover 2,981 5
by ReG=Karen
which language system?? kari 1,914 0
by kari
Suggested method to use Tony 1,979 0
by Tony
speaking a different language to siblings as a method Janine 3,198 5
by ReG=Janine
how do I proceed with reading/ writing skills? Anna 1,954 1
by ReG=lk
which alphabet to teach first? Klarisa 1,895 0
by Klarisa
modified mL@H - worried Iris Bennett 1,796 3
by ReG=Karen
Trilingual Home Aliya 2,106 0
by Aliya
English / Japanese Steve 2,302 5
by ReG=Airie
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