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Mixing of Spanish/English Melissa 3,012 7
by unique07
Not using OPOL or ML@H! julietta 3,101 4
by Anna
3 languages?? Need advice! Maria 2,614 2
by Helen San
Unsure about teaching a fourth language. Esther Rybakov 1,600 0
by Esther Rybakov
How to? MUST speak 4 languages (Japanese, Thai, English, Spanish ) 2 weak ones now. itzco 1,604 0
by itzco
Finnish/Italian/English ....and Chinese? ani 3,162 5
by AC
Trilingual - 2 Bilingual Parents Oleg Lokhvitsky 1,986 2
by Oleg Lokhvitsky
who speaks what? Chuha 3,801 7
by Rocio
What language system to use Maya 1,701 1
by Siya
Bilingual/Multilingual Children Study Severine 2,024 2
by Severine
Chinese+English+Japanese in Japan Sharon 2,362 4
by Siya
best approach to take katebr 2,782 4
by Alexandra
Moving back to US and keeping us bilingual Rose 2,114 4
by Carrie
Switch from OPOL to ML@H Matt 1,776 4
by Diana
Wife and me, bilingual Kirk 1,740 2
by Siya
which language should I speak to the baby? Tali 1,659 2
by Siya
3rd language Michele 1,635 1
by Siya
Living in Honduras. How to raise bilingual child? Kelly 1,614 0
by Kelly
Dutch, Afrikaans, a mix and English Karmen van Rensburg 2,051 0
by Karmen van Rensburg
Language System Suggestions Required Helen 1,959 4
by ReG=Helen
trying to switch method Kristin 1,759 1
by ReG=Leah
Question regarding OPOL Ketil 2,163 2
by ReG=Barbora
OPOL-how to react if child uses the other language? Claudia 2,075 2
by ReG=gabriela
Treat a dialekt like a mother tongue? Josee 2,698 6
by ReG=Manfred
A third "passive(?)" language Milena 2,064 2
by ReG=Matthew Burtch
What will happen in this case? Ann 2,707 3
by ReG=Rob
English speaking parents in Germany Maddy 1,964 1
by ReG=rob
My son is almost 2, hardly speaking. Sera 2,724 2
by ReG=Rob
Problems w/ Monolingual Grandparents nick_b 2,713 3
by ReG=Renai
Family agreement milka 2,355 5
by ReG=aitor
how to teach adopted kids 2 different languages? Sandra de Cassia Martins 2,681 3
by ReG=Pat
trilingual mother, monolingual father Stacy 3,069 5
by ReG=Olga H
Threelingual - how can I make it??? Diana 2,328 2
by ReG=wendy
Anybody in the similar situation? Father - Russian, English, German, Mother - English, German Oleg 3,102 7
by ReG=Anna Birkhoff
English or French nursery before going to France? Marilyn 2,152 1
by ReG=herlory
Confused: which system to use?? Xtine 1,890 2
by ReG=Xtine
Trilingual Family, Mom and 2-yr Old Child Temporarily Living in Mom's Home Country Bis 2,356 5
by ReG=Diana
Which system is best for our situation? Cathy 2,001 1
by ReG=Maribel
English/Spanish/Italian in L.A. Lisa Bianconi 2,060 3
by ReG=Carmen
Not sure what method to use! Em 2,862 7
by ReG=Ana Paula Casas
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