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spouse forgets to speak in foreign language Jill 1,387 1
by Annika Bourgogne
E-book on raising bilingual children Annika Bourgogne 1,487 0
by Annika Bourgogne
How to Fail Miserably at Raising a Bilingual Child Adam Beck 1,596 0
by Adam Beck
Spanish parents Manuel Gimenez 1,344 0
by Manuel Gimenez
message for Christina Adam Beck 1,228 0
by Adam Beck
Will child learn third language passively at home? Edward 1,970 3
by hannah
Glen Doman's reading from birth system Maria 1,428 0
by Maria
Mother Russian, Father Italian, live in Kenya Maria 1,320 0
by Maria
buy in from my husband yvonne 1,146 0
by yvonne
Don't know what to do: stilted bilingualism vs smooth monolingualism Dave 2,499 2
by Andrzej Michalik
by Susana
How strict do you have to be with OPOL? Justine Giovinazzo 2,540 7
by Kristina
Dad italian, mum czech, home english, outside world french... help please! Iveticka 2,437 7
by Kristina
Five languages? Andrew 1,850 2
by Kristina
Trilingual 10 month old - not understanding words! Lot 1,736 5
by Kristina
Parental competition in multilingualism- plz help. Tim 1,372 3
by Kristina
Parent with 2 minority languages Katarina 1,412 1
by Luana
2 and a half year old, won't speak Arabic Madonna 1,397 0
by Madonna
how to raise bilingual children alyssa 1,213 0
by alyssa
Need to transfer two children into mandarin chinese Micheal Morton 1,095 0
by Micheal Morton
newbie: what system would you choose? Avi 1,542 3
by Immersion Parent
Living in Gabon Raffaele 1,538 1
by sobreira
Language status? Livia 1,296 0
by Livia
Multilingual Children - What language to chose for Education? Alexandra 1,555 2
by Geraldine
Adopted Child Chris 1,360 3
by Danielle Ferreira
Moving to a new country with a 2 year old Peter 1,572 1
by Sacha
Raising bilingual Turkish-English child umut 1,588 0
by umut
Anybody knows about sing-along DVDs in English? Lara 1,235 2
by Daira
3 year old learning 3 languages Lauren 2,674 5
by Irene
I would appreciate any advice: Multilingual Maitasuna 1,311 1
by Dawn Y.
Too many languages for a baby? Marine 1,370 2
by Dawn Y.
Is dad's language less dominant? Malika 1,363 1
by Ema
Do dad's language tends to be less dominant? Malika 1,158 0
by Malika
Is common family language most important? Winnie 1,265 1
by Inoka
New baby, having anxiety Justin 1,919 6
by Angela
One language when alone, another when together as a family
1 2
Christina 3,437 15
by Rob
Welsh speaking Mum, English speaking dad, and a baby Rob 1,425 0
by Rob
Switching to minority language at home Fran 1,241 0
by Fran
How are multilingual families using "apps" on ipads and smartphones? Melania 1,235 1
by irina
Dad-Greek, Mother-English, country Sweden-expecting child-advice Rebecca 1,595 2
by Trevor Arter
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