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child speaks only one language petra Family Language Systems 1,659 1
by Alejandra
Opol or mlah Melisa Family Language Systems 1,348 1
by Alejandra
Should I allow the nanny to speak a thrid language to my child? Luciana Family Language Systems 1,427 1
by Alyssa
Need your advice: 2 or 3 languages? Marina Your Questions -- General 1,288 1
by Jess
Non-native speaker wants to speak to her baby only in English Sylvia Non-native Speakers 3,162 6
by Bee
I would like to use one parent one language but we have a slight problem Ash Your Questions -- General 1,164 2
by Bee
When to introduce community language to bilingual child? Grace Your Questions -- General 1,024 0
by Grace
Toys for bilingual children Nancy Non-native Speakers 1,210 0
by Nancy
toys for bilingual children Nancy Your Questions -- General 1,043 0
by Nancy
Dual language gap advice Jeff Your Questions -- General 1,245 1
by Adam Beck
OPOL for baby but I speak to my wife in English and she responds to me in German Denton Your Questions -- General 1,184 0
by Denton
Just starting to speak... Deanna Your Questions -- General 999 0
by Deanna
Rasing a Bilingual child English-Russian IL, USA Liliya Your Stories 5,725 5
Teaching English to Turkish Kids in Play Groups SARAY COCUK KULUBU Your Questions -- General 1,362 0
Questions on Language Systems Lilliana Family Language Systems 2,773 1
by Jennifer
Yet another move and the need for a new language Cíntia Your Questions -- General 1,342 0
by Cíntia
Only 200 hours contact per year - Will it work Arthur Your Questions -- General 1,444 1
by Adam
Stepchild = American, newborn baby = bilingual Cybercimet Your Questions -- General 1,294 0
by Cybercimet
Croatian, Arabic, English and French ??? Iva Your Questions -- General 1,803 3
by Marcelo
Should I speak in english if I havean accent? Val Your Questions -- General 1,530 1
by siggeroo
trilingual mother, monolingual father, how to OPOL exactly?? HELGA HATOLI Your Questions -- General 1,424 0
What's the best way? Francesca Your Questions -- General 1,269 0
by Francesca
Help needed to support third language (German) Patricia Faura Non-native Speakers 1,788 1
by Yi
Starting a 3yr old on a second language Marla Your Questions -- General 1,780 1
by Imran
Secrets of a Successful Homework Routine (on promoting literacy in the minority language) Adam Beck Your Questions -- General 1,200 0
by Adam Beck
Need inspiration for the bilingual journey? Adam Beck Your Questions -- General 1,395 0
by Adam Beck
My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids Adam Beck Your Questions -- General 1,702 0
by Adam Beck
New to this site with Questions: I welcome advise/suggestions for Trilingual child: Spanish, Italian, and English Rosanna Your Questions -- General 1,637 3
by Ernesto
spouse forgets to speak in foreign language Jill Your Questions -- General 1,387 1
by Annika Bourgogne
E-book on raising bilingual children Annika Bourgogne Your Questions -- General 1,487 0
by Annika Bourgogne
How to Fail Miserably at Raising a Bilingual Child Adam Beck Your Questions -- General 1,594 0
by Adam Beck
Spanish parents Manuel Gimenez Your Questions -- General 1,343 0
by Manuel Gimenez
message for Christina Adam Beck Your Questions -- General 1,228 0
by Adam Beck
Will child learn third language passively at home? Edward Your Questions -- General 1,970 3
by hannah
STUTTER and TRILINGUAL BABY through OPOL SYSTEM Enrico Family Language Systems 3,113 6
by Luana
Glen Doman's reading from birth system Maria Your Questions -- General 1,427 0
by Maria
Mother Russian, Father Italian, live in Kenya Maria Your Questions -- General 1,318 0
by Maria
Which language system to use in our rather complicated situation? Elle Family Language Systems 1,618 0
by Elle
buy in from my husband yvonne Your Questions -- General 1,145 0
by yvonne
trilingual problem at home- which language to use when we are all together Uriel Family Language Systems 2,600 3
by Carmen

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