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Will I miss out on just having fun? Bryant Non-native Speakers 583 2
by Ashley
Best language system for a child in a 4-language environment Martin Family Language Systems 952 2
by daria
Risk of code switching with a quadrilingual baby Gabriele Your Questions -- General 575 0
by Gabriele
How to refer to the 'other' language Emily Your Questions -- General 480 0
by Emily
Language system for non-native speakers: alternating days? Emily Your Questions -- General 437 0
by Emily
Multilingual play date in SF, CA Anna Guest Book 537 0
by Anna
multilingual children and multi-alphabet Ana Your Questions -- General 791 1
by Carlos Machado
Non-native: Keeping cool about comments Katie Your Stories 4,210 14
by susannealia Montreal CAN
One person - two languages Luka Family Language Systems 852 0
by Luka
A very worried future mom Keila Family Language Systems 709 0
by Keila
Can an 5-year old really speak 11 languages fluently? Paul R Your Questions -- General 3,529 4
by Paul R
I'm a single mum and i talk in two languages to my kids. Am I confusing them? Anna Blasz Your Questions -- General 794 1
by Mariela d.
two parents, three languages. Despina Your Questions -- General 933 1
by Efthalia
OPOL-non-native JSriley Non-native Speakers 975 1
by Angelo
English, Chinese, Dutch: looking for a good family language system tulippanda Family Language Systems 1,770 4
by Martin
Spanish speakers in an English speaking context in Germany Gloria Your Questions -- General 552 0
by Gloria
Father French, Mother English speaking, Living in France nidhuada Your Questions -- General 2,162 2
by Jana
Getting started w/multilanguages Kristin Pace Your Questions -- General 702 0
by Kristin Pace
English/French mini stories with Panda Yana Your Ideas 614 0
by Yana
late-talking trilingual toddler Vera Your Questions -- General 3,675 4
by ana
Children's books for multilingual families Tanya Your Ideas 565 0
by Tanya
Do you respond in the same language? Angelina Family Language Systems 2,559 1
by Zeep
Raising a bilingual child but not quite fluent... Caroline Your Questions -- General 1,659 2
by Fiona
I am the problem, not my kids Mireya Non-native Speakers 1,110 4
by Alan
Looking for good bilingual toys to buy for my upcoming baby Lesley Your Questions -- General 1,032 2
by Lesley
Family Agreement Pedro Non-native Speakers 668 0
by Pedro
Are babies' "coos" the same no matter what language? Julia Your Questions -- General 944 1
by Kathryn
Any Chinese Mandarin toddler playgroups in New York City? mso01 Your Questions -- General 1,925 1
by Nicole
Looking for playdate in SF Bay area Anna Your Stories 1,045 0
by Anna
Mom BR, dad Hun, country DE, family language EN Flor Your Questions -- General 1,298 2
by Flavia
Bilingual Spanish/English Story Time - The Colony, TX Amanda Poore Your Ideas 1,032 0
by Amanda Poore
Learning to read and write- Bilingual kids Karina Your Questions -- General 1,232 1
by Alisa
child speaks only one language petra Family Language Systems 1,619 1
by Alejandra
Opol or mlah Melisa Family Language Systems 1,299 1
by Alejandra
Should I allow the nanny to speak a thrid language to my child? Luciana Family Language Systems 1,382 1
by Alyssa
Need your advice: 2 or 3 languages? Marina Your Questions -- General 1,287 1
by Jess
Non-native speaker wants to speak to her baby only in English Sylvia Non-native Speakers 3,122 6
by Bee
I would like to use one parent one language but we have a slight problem Ash Your Questions -- General 1,163 2
by Bee
When to introduce community language to bilingual child? Grace Your Questions -- General 1,024 0
by Grace
Toys for bilingual children Nancy Non-native Speakers 1,197 0
by Nancy

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