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bi-lingual mum in third country Nini Ripandelli 2,456 8
by ReG=Janine Bader
What adjustments to make? Ian Scattergood 2,281 1
by ListModerator
Reading in the bilingual environment Katya 1,934 1
by ListModerator
Bilingual family unsure of system to use Nannette 1,976 1
by ListModerator
Advice regarding billingual parents Caron 2,076 1
by ListModerator
Tri-lingual mom & monolingual dad want tri-lingual toddler kipsmom 2,238 4
by ReG=Sonia
Bilingual child, language preference ? Batman 2,475 2
by ListModerator
What medium of instruction to use? Lei 2,346 1
by ListModerator
Need quick advice Binez 1,922 1
by ListModerator
Language system for us ? Yuliya 1,886 1
by ListModerator
trilingual family adding a fourth language Leire 1,946 2
by ListModerator
Monolingual parents mel 1,975 1
by ListModerator
Continue or give up? Judy 2,645 3
by ReG=david
Bi-lingual family to be (hopefully!) Philippa 1,898 1
by ListModerator
Bi-lingual Mother to be and Monolingual Father Anje Hickey 2,040 2
by ListModerator
Raising Bilingual Twins Jill 2,152 2
by ReG=Jill
Language dilema Zhanna Clayton 2,221 4
by ReG=Sana
languages rules Nina Grann 2,288 5
by ReG=chantal
Spanish-only in home & beyond Stephanie 2,177 2
by ReG=Chantal
A new multilingual child will be born Joep 2,178 2
by ListModerator
Bilingual home, uni-demilingual mother Telsing 1,871 1
by ListModerator
What books to read to your child / in what language I should name objects Grace 1,882 1
by ListModerator
Multi-lingual baby question Milena 2,104 4
by ListModerator
Raising trilingual child Yuki 2,925 1
by ListModerator
Family Time Heby 1,969 2
by ListModerator
How to introduce new language to my son? Lorena 1,868 1
by ListModerator
Becoming a bilingual family Nadine 1,870 1
by ListModerator
Moving to Cyprus - Languages? Michelle 2,090 4
by ReG=Michelle
HELP! Teaching english to 3 children aged 5 and under! Alexandra 5,113 3
by ReG=Anneka Brimhall
Help! Fourth language? Ana 2,130 3
by ReG=Clo
how to maintain speaking minority language to your child if you are the only source of the language kasia 2,128 4
by sheilagh
Working parents Dhang 2,057 1
by ListModerator
changing countries/language system? maria 2,811 1
by ListModerator
suitable language system? Helen 2,105 2
by ReG=Helen
OPOL with a little upcoming twist Kelly Conte 2,170 2
by ReG=Kelly
Help on deciding a family systems when both parents are bilingual Johana 2,203 4
by ReG=Olga
What if one parent often is absent? yelena 2,101 2
by ReG=Venera
single parent raising multilingual kids Vita 2,468 1
by ListModerator
bilingual 101 sharon 2,626 1
by ListModerator
Changing countries and languages? Livia Churchman 3,105 2
by Livia
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